Practice like you’ve never WON, play like you’ve never LOST


On Thursday, Oct. 17 the Varsity Girls Field Hockey team played Westlake at home, winning their first game of the 2019 season with only a week left.

The field hockey program was established in 2017 by current Varsity coach, Jacob Schlosser, and in these past three years they have previously only won one game. 

Last year they beat Westlake at the Warriors stadium. During this game, current Senior Lauren Melvin scored their only goal.

Although the games typically end in a tie, for the first time on Thursday night, they decided to go into overtime to determine the winner of the game. 

After the score remained 0-0 in overtime, the referees declared that a shootout should take place. 

During the shootout each teams goalie lined up in the goal while the chosen players shot one by one. The Lancers’ goalie, Senior Jessica Solis, blocked all but one goal. 

The three of the five players that were chosen to shoot for the home team, Junior, Annaliese Reynolds, and Seniors Lauren Melvin and Ella Kohler each scored a goal, resulting in them winning the game 3-1. 

“We have been making progress throughout the last three years and our cohesion has been improving,” said Senior Captain Kimi Stafford. “Winning was a huge accomplishment because it is a display of our hard work and teamwork.”

Photo Caption: The girls Varsity Field Hockey team poses in front of the scoreboard, celebrating their victory over Westlake.