Senior Spotlight: Cort Johnson

The two-year varsity starter looks back on his high school career and details what he’s looking forward to in college.

Cort Johnson is a senior this year at Thousand Oaks High School. Like many other people, his senior year didn’t end the way he thought it would. The volleyball season was cut short and he will never know how this season would’ve ended.
When Johnson was asked what he’s missing the most right now he said, “I miss playing volleyball in general. The season made every game so unique and important. We had a good chance to win the Marmonte League this year and I’m definitely missing not being able to play against other schools for that number one spot.”
Johnson was on varsity for two years, his junior and senior years. Johnson said, “Varsity changed my perspective on the game, it’s a whole different playing field and a big step up from JV.”
For Johnson, the competition was one of the best things about being on varsity. “Competing for a starting spot on the team actually means something and you feel like you are an important piece of the team,” said Johnson.
Another important piece was the friendship the players on the team had, those were some of Johnsons best memories. “Hanging out with my friends after the games or during a tournament and just getting together to play Super Smash bros were some of my best memories.”
One of the biggest things Johnson learned on varsity is being a good teammate. “Being a good teammate whether you’re on the bench or in the game is critical to having a fun, but competitive time,” said Johnson.
Next year Johnson will be playing D1 volleyball at. When asked what he is looking forward to about college, Johnson said, “Being able to play volleyball at the college level and be able to prove my skill to others. I think the experience I will gain will be great.”