Dancing with the TO Stars: That’s a Wrap!


Austin Gregory

This past weekend, Dancing with the TO Stars put on a spectacular show. DWTTOS is a competition run by the dance program, where members or the varsity and All-Male dance teams, dance with fellow students and faculty members. Riley Harris is a junior, varsity vice president, and in her third year on varsity dance team. Harris performed the tango with junior, varsity soccer player, Kevin Springer.

The Lancer: How do you think DWTTOS went?

Riley Harris:I think the show went well! All the couples did great and the crowd was super excited which is always fun for the performers.

TL:Did the program have any specific goals going into DWTTOS?

RH:We hoped to put on a good show and get people to come back next year.

TL:Can you describe the process of DWTTOS?

RH:For DWTTOS, our coaches assign us a style, a partner and we started teaching our partner the dance we choreograph. We practice whenever we can for a few weeks until the show!



TL:Does varsity have any specific goals for the year?

RH:For the year our team hopes to keep working on our dances for competition and hopefully take them to nationals in March!

TL:How is preparation for the concert coming along?

RH:Concert prep is going well, every week we work on all our dances a little more until they’re perfect for the show,

TL:How has the team changed this year?

RH:The team is definitely different than past years, but I think we started dancing well together a lot quicker than we have before. It takes time for people who have never danced together to work in sync, but we got it figured out pretty quickly.

TL:How do you guys expect to do at nationals this year?

RH:We try not to go in to nationals with too many expectations, because we never know what the other teams will bring. The past two years we have gotten first place in two categories, prop and character, and it would be awesome if we could continue that!