Ed Sheeran’s Newest Songs


Since Ed Sheeran’s first release in 2011, he has been capturing life and realism through his songwriting.  

“Shape of You” quickly took the top spot in the iTunes charts, with good reason. Sheeran sets the song with smooth consistent beats of drums and claps. The song includes classic Ed Sheeran earthy and deep tones instead of his normal raspy voice. However, Sheeran forgets his storytelling lyrics and follows a catchy, cliche love song. The lyrics don’t have much meaning and leaves me wanting more of the old Ed Sheeran where meaning is paramount. “Shape of You” does give a chill rhythm to jam out and sing along, but it’s nothing more an a popular song.     

“Castle on the Hill”, however, is the complete opposite of “Shape of You”. It gives the life story of Ed Sheeran, and makes you feel like you’ve known him since he was a small little child and can call him Eddy. “Castle on the Hill” follows Sheeran from him as a kid to him now visiting his old home. By far this song is one of my favorite Ed Sheeran songs. It gives a raw, unfiltered look at his life — from when he broke his arm, rolling up cigarettes, to his first kiss. He also gives some commentary on his life which gives the listener insight on his thoughts.

For a catchy, feel good song, listen to “Shape of You.” For those who are more interested in a relatable life story, check out“Castle on the Hill.”