More Than Just the Beginning


With her winning season 11 of America’s Got Talent, appearances on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and, “The Tonight Show,” Grace VanderWaal’s second album, “Just the Beginning,” is the beginning of a successful future.

Listeners who are unfamiliar with VanderWaal’s work will be left in awe when learning she is only 13 years old. VanderWaal’s talent is impressive in general, but the fact that she is musically inclined at a young age is what really sets her aside from any other artist in the music industry today.

VanderWaal’s album has soul, lots of percussion, and a mix of acoustics and production that makes one want to go on a roadtrip with this album playing in the background.

Her vocal technique is top notch. She has a raspy, breathy voice that cracks and adds to the emotional lyrics of her songs. VanderWaal’s song writing is eloquent for her age, and the listener can feel the genuineness of her lyrics.

Each of the songs on this album has its own flavor, yet they all are recognizably VanderWaal’s work. The song, “Burned,” is eery and emotional, whereas “Moonlight,”  is catchy and endearing. Both songs are very different, but they still have a foksy, airy influence that is constant throughout the album.