Rise of Electric Skateboards


As of the last two years , electric skateboards and scooters have become immensely popular. From the first powered skateboard invented in 1975 and run by gasoline to today’s battery run skateboards, these methods of transportation can be seen everywhere.

These electric scooters and skateboards have gained popularity due to its great alternative to traditional transportation. They are more portable, convenient, and offer independence compared to buses, taxis, and cars.

This method of transportation has environmental benefits as well. They use batteries rather than gasoline and have the potential to go up to 22 miles in one charge. Furthermore, the Boosted Board specifically has a regenerative braking system which means that the Boosted Board’s battery charges whenever it is ridden downhill or at an incline where power isn’t needed.

Currently, the most popular electric skateboard is the Boosted Board. The first Boosted Board was created in 2012 and currently has four different skateboard models and one scooter model.

Aside from Boosted Board, other companies such as Bird, Lime, and Spin are companies that have their electric scooters in different cities the public are able to use whenever at a cost which is calculated by how long you use the scooter.

Nowadays, in almost all major cities, these scooters are found on every block. For example, at the Santa Monica pier, Birds are seen on almost every block and people are seen riding them left and right. As a result, securing a scooter for transportation or leisure is very quick and simple. Moreover, these electric scooters and skateboards have reached to countries overseas such as France and Israel.

Ultimately, newer and more technologically advanced methods of transportation are appearing as seen with the start of electric scooters and skateboards. Without a doubt society will encounter different kinds of transportation people would not have imagined in the future.