Is it ever to early to start listening to x-mas songs?


If you love Christmas you probably start listening to christmas music early, but at what point is it to early. Christmas decorations in stores are put out as soon as Halloweens done. Thanksgiving seems to be skipped in stores going straight to the big money making holiday, Christmas. Radio stations start playing Christmas music starting Nov. 1.. To make money businesses start early other people wait a little bit longer to start listening to their favorite Christmas classics.

Many people start after Thanksgiving, ready to move onto the next holiday. Thanksgiving is Thurs. Nov. 28 this year, meaning many people will start listening Nov. 29. This allows 27 days total of listening to Christmas songs.

Listening to Christmas music for 25 days out of the year, is another popular opinion. People start Dec. 1 and listen until Christmas day. This is probably the most common one.

Some of the best Christmas songs to prepare you for the holidays includes; Let it Snow, Last Christmas, Joy to the World, Twelve Days of Christmas, Santa Baby, and many more.

Christmas songs are perfect to get you in spirit for the winter Season. They are used in commercials all the way to the iconic christmas movies.