And the Oscar Goes to…?

The nominations for the 2020 Oscars came in on Jan 13, and there have been some opinions stirring about the apparent lack of representation in the nominees. With few women and a high number of Americans and Europeans, people have some things to say.

A total of 20 women were nominated, and 10 of them were for lead or supporting actress. None were for directors, even though there were many high-rated movies directed by women. Since 2007, there have been 57 female directors (

“You know, it’s kind of upsetting because only 5 women have ever been nominated for directing and only one has ever won and so I feel like… since it’s… 2020, there should be more representation especially after all the women’s rights and MeToo stuff and the fact that many amazing films were made by women this year,” sophomore Rachel Vinton said.

In acting, women “age out” faster than men do. Nominations for leading and supporting actors range from 36 to 82, with the most frequence being in the 70’s. For women, ages range from 24 to 71, with the most frequence being in the 20’s and 30’s.

“I don’t personally like it but it isn’t that unpredictable because as a woman when you’re an actor you age out of the roles by 27 now,” Vinton said.

Only 10% of actors and actresses nominated are people of color, making there isn’t enough credit given to the colored actors and actresses who were in movies such as “Harriet” and “Us.”
“Only two of the 20 actors and actresses nominated for Academy Awards this year were people of color…” (

Having an award show which is streamed nationwide, there should be more representation for the viewers who are neither white nor American. There are other out there, and people feel they need to be shown.