A Week After the Sports World Stopped


It has officially been a week since all major sports leagues have canceled, paused or suspended their season. To help fill the void, here is a list of some of the best sports movies. 


These movies provide the inspiration we all can use in a time like this. 

“The Blind Side” A young man, named Micheal Oher from Memphis, struggles with a life of poverty and abonnement until he is greeted by a classic southern charm family. He changes the family’s view on life, and they all form an unbreakable bond centered around football. A box of tissues is needed. 

“We Are Marshall” The Marshall University football program is nearly cut after a plane crash kills most of the team. A new coach is brought in, support is shown from around the league, and The Thundering Herd tries to get themselves back in the endzone. A box of tissues is needed.  

“Remember the Titans” High school football in Virginia faces racial tension and a town that excepts them to win. The town and team go through many changes as they evolve to their new normal. A box of tissues should at least be in the room. 

“Miracle” During the Cold War, the American people find hope and national pride in the most unlikely place, a USA hockey team, made up of a bunch of college kids. The movie shows the team’s journey to the 1980 winter Olympics. USA chants needed and possibly a box of tissues.

A Laugh

Have your legs kicked up, popcorn in hand and enjoy a good old laugh. These movies are great choices if you no longer have tissues. 

“Space Jam” The basic plot of “Space Jam” should be known by all, and if it is not congratulations you now have a movie to watch. 

“Happy Gilmore” A want to be a professional hockey player turns into a golfer. Great advice is given throughout the movie on how to better your short game in golf. 

“The Sandlot” A group of young baseball players enjoy a summer filled with adventures, home runs and a mysterious dog.

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