Do’s and Don’ts of Spring Break


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Amidst distance learning and the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s spring break is certainly a unique one. The Lancer has compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you navigate and make the most of this week.


Take care of your mental health

We are living through a global pandemic, and that can be stressful, to say the least. Make sure you take care of yourself. Some ways to cope include keeping a steady routine, getting dressed in the morning, making sure to get fresh air and keeping up with personal hygiene. Check out the CDC resources for mental health here. 

Stay (virtually) connected with friends

While it can be disappointing not to be able to see our friends in person over spring break, there are plenty of ways to stay connected virtually. Check out various virtual programs for connecting with your friends here. 

Check what your favorite artists are up to

Many artists are doing concerts over live streams, and Coachella just released a documentary that you can watch here.  In addition to musical artists, you can also take virtual tours of your favorite museums on their official websites.

Have a stay-cation

If you were supposed to travel somewhere—or even if you weren’t—have a day themed around your destination of choice. For instance, if you were planning on going to Italy: Make some Italian food, watch some Italian movies and maybe even learn some Italian on Duolingo

Have a photoshoot

Dress up, set up some fairy lights, throw your phone on a timer and have a photoshoot! Check out this article for some inspiration if you want to really go above and beyond. You can even download free photo editing apps such as Photoshop Express and Canva.


Now is not the time to be pulling all-nighters, Lancers. Getting enough sleep is essential for having a strong immune system. 

And of course… the classic quarantine activities

If you aren’t exhausted by binge-watching and video gaming, then go for it! See if you can break out your old Wii and play some Just Dance or Wii Sports to get off the couch for a bit. 



Pretend like everything is fine and have the spring break you planned on

The state-wide stay at home order is still in full effect, and the CDC recommends wearing a mask in public. Read the CDC guidelines for masks and how to make your own here. While it is tempting to socialize, it is imperative that we all do our part and stay home. Unfortunately, this means no beach trips with friends, spring break parties or pretty much any non-essential outings.

Come down with a case of cabin fever

On that note, fresh air is important. If you have a back yard, take a book or even just your phone out there and sit for a change of scenery. Exercise is a great way to get some endorphins going; just make sure you comply with these guidelines.  

Obsessively check the news

Staying informed is great, but make sure to draw a boundary between you and your news sources. The World Health Organization recommends checking a reliable news source no more than once or twice a day. There is no need to further stress yourself out.

Stay safe, stay home and stay healthy, Lancers; have a great spring break.