TOHS Staff shares their favorite music


During distance learning and working from home, creative ideas to stay connected have flourished. Prompted by Dr. Eric Bergmann, TOHS staff has taken on their own tradition: Song of the Day. Each day a staff member adds a song along with a few words to the staff email thread. Keep reading for some of our favorites or access the full playlist below.


“This was my favorite song while playing volleyball in college and still is one of my favorites. I also like this video because she recognizes the unsung heroes in her career, the band. I would like to lift all the unsung heroes on campus who don’t get enough credit like Scott, Kevin, Robert, and all our custodial staff plus DO crew who had to work extra and extra beyond their job description.” -math teacher James Park

“My tag is for someone who I had the pleasure of going on a little road trip to San Diego with for a student competition a few years back. I wish I got to know this person better much sooner as she is amazing and next year will be moving on to quarantine in retirement. It may look the same, but it will feel different. Thank you Patti McNamara for being an amazing colleague and helping me grow.” -photography teacher Lisa Ravitch

Not sure you would suspect anything different than a dance song from dance teacher. So, turn it up and dance away!” -dance teacher JaLeen Murphy

“One of my favorite songs since I was attending TOHS is ‘Wish You Were Here’ by Pink Floyd. I always tell people I grew up to Pink Floyd (Mom’s favorite) and The Beach Boys (Dad’s favorite). Growing up my family would go to Lake Havasu every summer vacation. We’d be out on the lake until midnight, and my parents would play Pink Floyd from the boat’s stereo. We’d sit on the shoreline and watch the lightning storm on the other side of the lake. As a student, Mr. Love and Sawitz would always have classic rock playing in the classrooms and I do the same for my students now. As Dr. B mentioned to me once, my students get a musical education as well in my classes… This song has always been one of those songs that when I hear it play, it forces me to take a step back and relax. Enjoy!” -art teacher Holly Smith

“‘Use Me’ by Bill Withers, in honor of his passing last week. It’s a toe tapper!!! Bill Withers came to the Dinner Dance in November. It was a joy to meet him and talk to him for a little bit. He enjoyed and positively commented on the members of the TOHS AM Jazz Ensemble. That was a special moment for me.” -band director Marty Martone