Recipes on Repeat


With a lack of restaurants to go to and the drastic increase of free-time, the lancer staff has compiled these at-home recipes to help out students. Here are some things you can make to cure both your hunger and your boredom.

Dalgona Coffee, also known as whipped coffee, is a fun and easy recipe that is very photogenic. Over the past few months, this caffeinated trend was made popular by the app TikTok because of its whimsical appearance, but the original concept comes from a Korean recipe. 

The most common recipe for this drink is made by combining 2 parts sugar, 2 parts dry instant coffee, and 1 part hot water and then whisking until it becomes a shiny light brown frosting. Once made, just spoon this mixture on top of a milk of your choice and enjoy the drink along with your new barista skills.

Another quick dish is a mug cake, a favorite among college students, and those with a sweet tooth because of how quick and easy they are to make. Using ingredients one already has in there home, they can create a variety of flavors in very little time.

There are hundreds of mug cake recipes, but most of them involve mixing multiple cake ingredients in a mug and then baking it in a microwave. This creates a smaller version of a cake that takes less time to make and leaves you with less to clean up.

Finally, if the supermarket is running low on juice, add things like lemon slices to your water. This is not only healthier than juice but much cheaper too. If available, you can also add other fruit slices or even spices like turmeric to your water.

If staying inside isn’t your strong suit and eating is, try these easy, quick and fun recipes to ease both the hunger and the boredom. 

photo>> Grace Machell>> The Lancer