Beautifying the Conejo Valley One School at a Time


Thanks to senior Gabe Caro, What was once a blank storage container has been transformed into a beautiful painting. Caro painted a large mural depicting a sunrise on the wall of a storage unit at Acacia Elementary School. Caro painted the mural in order to give back to the community and beautify the campus. Out of all of his works so far in his career, Caro says that this mural is by far his best and favorite piece yet.

Caro says that he has always enjoyed making art, but he began taking it more seriously when he was seven years old, starting lessons at an art studio. Drawing was the kickstart to Caro’s pursuit of art, which he practiced until he began painting five years ago.

“The first thing that I did before painting was drawing, at a local studio called Art is a Passion.” Gabe Caro said.

His passions are everything that has to do with art, whether it be the history of late artists or the styles of art. He draws his inspiration from various artists, as he looks up to many artists.

“My passions are basically everything that has to do with art.”

His inspiration to make his mural painting came from the name of the school, which is the name of a type of tree. According to Caro, the trees were the center of the drawing

Photo Credit // Victoria Sonstegard // With Permission