Out of Work


Most upperclassmen have jobs, and because of the recent pandemic, they have lost them or decided not to attend work and stay in the safety of their homes. Senior Daniel Adams, and juniors Sawyer Noonan and Analucia Almenara all decided it would be best to not go to their jobs during the pandemic.

“I work at the Habit and I wanted to go to my work to obviously make money, but since my parents are in the older age range we decided it would be better for them that I stayed home”,  Adams said.

With other family members at home the idea of making sure their safety is important to these students and more important than a job. Some have older parents, or relatives that live with them and putting them in danger of getting sick is the last thing they want to do.

“ I work at a retirement home called The Reserve, my grandma had started living with my family and me so we could not risk it for her sake”,  Almenara said.

Some establishments are pressuring employees to stay at work although they shouldn’t even be open because of the threat of going out of business. Only essential businesses like grocery stores, hospitals and some take-out food establishments are supposed to stay open with precautions being taken. However, some businesses are being lenient with this.

“Baskin Robbins is still open although we are supposed to be closed, though a third of the employees are working along with one student from NPHS,” Noonan said.

Some students would love to go back to work while some would rather stay home and take the time off during this time of isolation. Staying at home all day gets boring and repetitive, although it has the best intentions and is the best thing to do as of now. They want the extra money and would rather be at work than at home the entire day.

“I was planning on returning to work because of the extra precautions that are being made at my job and I want to take advantage of the opportunity to make extra money,” Almenara said.

The concern for health and safety is what kept these students from going to their jobs while other students have lost their jobs due to the company’s concerns.

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