Binge to Beat the Boredom


During this time, students have looked to Netflix alongside other streaming platforms for entertainment.  One show that some students are watching during this pandemic is “Grey’s Anatomy.” This show has 16 ongoing seasons to keep the students who watch it busy. It is still airing as of right now, but they are not filming new episodes at the moment because of the Coronavirus. 

“It helps pass the time and it gives me something to do when I finish school and dance,” sophomore Kalyssa Hickman said. 

Furthermore, Netflix has many shows to choose from for students who need or want something to watch during this quarantine. 

Another popular show students are enjoying is “Outer Banks.” It is very new since it came out on April 15 of this year. It follows the story of teenagers looking for a treasure. 

“I like it a lot because the characters are all together going on adventures, ” freshmen Niah Vasquez said. “It seems like a lot of fun especially since I can’t see my friends right now.”

Currently, there is only one season of the show, so viewers will probably go through it very quickly.

Students have also expressed that they are watching the NBC show ‘The Office’. This show first aired in 2005 on the network, but has increased in popularity since it aired on Netflix. 

It is a mockumentary style show that follows a fictional paper company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The show ended in 2013, but that does not stop students from binging episodes from all nine seasons.

Quarantine has left students with plenty of time to spare, aside from the few hours of Zoom calls.  Many have resorted to watching shows and movies on Netflix. ‘The Office’ luckily has plenty of seasons and episodes to keep you occupied during your free time. 

“It has a great plot line that just comes together perfectly,” freshmen Erin Sullivan said. 

The show not only appeals to those who crave humor during these difficult times, but also those who want a strong plot. 

A popular type of show is dance competition shows. Some of these include the shows “Dance Moms,” “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,” and “Dance Moms Miami.” “Dance Moms” is a story of a group of children on their path towards stardom. It also follows  their overbearing mothers who are overactive in the dancers’ lives. “Dance Moms” is a fun show that encompasses the lives of the young dancers as it showcases the dance competitions that they participate in. These shows can be located on streaming services such as Hulu and Amazon Prime. 

“I love being able to watch several episodes of ‘Dance Moms’ a day because it teaches me new comebacks,” freshman Payton Freeman said. 

Dance competition shows are great for those who love witty, fun humor, and who love dance.