Don’t Forget your Veggies


The United States Department of Agriculture declared the month of December as National Tomato and Winter Squash Month.

Both the tomato and squash are technically categorized as fruits, but because of its cooking purposes, many consider it a vegetable. Tomatoes help cardiovascular health and support your bones and winter squash gives antioxidant support and provides anti-inflammatory benefits. There are multiple types of winter squash, and they are both an excellent source of vitamin C.

Having the month dedicated to these “vegetables” is a smart idea, because the rest of the individual days of this month have been dedicated to foods that are not as healthy.



1st: National Pie Day

4th: National Cookie Day

7th: National Cotton Candy Day

8th: National Brownie Day

9th: National Pastry Day

12th: Gingerbread House Day

13th: National Cocoa Day

15th: National Cupcake Day

16th: National Chocolate-Covered-Anything Day

17th: National Maple Syrup Day

19th: National Hard-Candy Day

Cover photo // diapicard via Pixabay

Graphic // Clarissa Kano