Dogs Running Wild


This past Tuesday brought a pleasant surprise to David Sheridan’s first period AP Literature class as students, including Tara Baumhover, carried in two lost dogs from off campus into his room.

“I was sitting by the C building before first period when I saw two dogs following people in the quad,” Baumhover said. “I ran after the dogs as they went to the lockers near the fence, and we attempted to corral the dogs there until the teachers who had arrived figured out what to do. One of the dogs ran into the street at one point, but it ended up coming back safe. We carried one of the two to Mr. Sheridan’s room, and the other dog was brought there not long after.”

Affectionately named Charlotte and Misty, the two dogs were quickly adopted by Sheridan’s students.

“My classmates were all really excited. I think the idea of having a dog in the classroom just make it a lot more exciting than just another 7:00 class,” senior Kelly Gregoire said. “We were the ones who made up names for them since neither of them had collars. The black one was Charlotte and the grey one was Misty.”

Eventually our campus security retrieved the dogs, and they were safely returned to their original owner.