A Little Too Close For Comfort

A Little Too Close For Comfort

The recent wildfires in the cities neighboring Thousand Oaks spread both smoke and fear throughout our community. Though most students in TO live a safe distance from where the fires were burning, a few students actually live in the cities that are being devastated by this natural disaster. Senior Romel Rivas, who lives in Oxnard, described the moment he first found out about the fire

“ It was around 9pm [on Monday] and my dad got a call from my neighbor. Our power had gone out because of the wind, and he was checking up on us.” Rivas said “He told us there was a fire in Ventura, and as I looked outside my window, I could see the red in the sky”

Though many students were concerned about the poor air quality and dark clouds that covered the school on Tuesday, Rivas had an even more serious fear

“it was very scary not knowing if my house would be there when I returned home.” Rivas said “ I would constantly be checking live fire maps on google, to see how close the fire was to my house.”  

Though many people living in a similar area had to evacuate, Rivas and his family were lucky enough to not have to.

Senior John Trevisan*, who lives on the coast of Ventura, observed how the fire affected the atmosphere of the city  “The community has really pulled together since the fire has started.” Trevisan said “When I went to Main Street after the fire had passed Ventura I saw many stores passing out water and hosting clothing drives for the victims of the fire”

With 173,000 acres already burned, and only a 15% containment, it is important to continue on supporting our fellow Lancers who are especially affected by the fire.

*John Trevisan is a pseudonym used to protect the identity of the student by request