“The Last Dance”

The first two episodes of Michael Jordan’s Documentary, “The Last Dance”, aired on ESPN April 19th. The show was originally supposed to air in the middle of July but was moved up to April because of COVID-19. The first two episodes documented Jordan’s childhood growing up:, not making the varsity basketball team at high school until his junior year, going to UNC to play for legendary coach Dean Smith, his game-winning shot in the college basketball national championship against Georgetown, and his rise to stardom in the NBA.
The show was seemingly loved by all who watched. NBA players were tweeting about it and talk shows were raving about it.
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As someone who never got to see Jordan play, the show documented what Jordan was about and how amazing he was. He always made the right choices in life and worked harder than everyone even if it seemed like nobody believed in him.
My favorite moment in the first two episodes is when NBA Hall of Famer, NBA champion, and UNC great, James worthy was asked, “Who was better, you or MJ (Michael Jordan)?”
Worthy said, “I was better than him… for about two weeks.”
Even though Worthy was a junior and he was a freshman, he wasn’t scared and he didn’t back away from the challenge.
If you weren’t able to watch the first two episodes, make sure to be there Sunday, April 26 to watch episodes three and four.