TOHS Athletes Tell The Lancer How They’ve Stayed in Shape

This year has been different to say the very least, from school being virtual to athletics not being able to take place. Here’s a look at what a few Thousand Oaks High School athletes have to say about their sport during this pandemic.


Kyle Lobenhofer, Staff Writer

Brett Rauch, senior on the JV cross country team

How were you practicing on your own before you were allowed back on campus?: “At first I would just go on a short run by myself every so often. Then eventually our coach started sending us workouts to do on our own, which I did socially distanced with a friend. Around that time, we also started doing weekly motivation Zooms as a team.”


How do you feel about the lack of meets since March 13?: “Pretty early on in quarantine, our coach started assigning us time trials that everyone would run on their own on the same day. Even though those were never as competitive as normal meets, they’ve helped us keep goal-setting throughout the season despite not having regular meets, so there hasn’t been as much of a setback as there would be otherwise, which is nice.”


Do you want to continue running in college?: “Yes, but most likely not competitively. I’ll probably just join a running club at school.”


Connor Bumbarger, senior on the varsity waterpolo, soccer and lacrosse teams


How have you been practicing your mechanics without the ability to go on campus?: “I’ve been working out and running since we have been on break, and, when I can, I will pass a ball against the wall for an hour or so. Luckily enough, I can shoot and pass balls with my teammates at local parks.”


How do you feel about the lack of games and practices since March 13?: “I’m more just upset and disappointed than anything. I was really looking forward to having a strong performance senior year, but really feel like we are being shorted out.”


Are you hoping to continue sports into college?: “I’m actually platooning on going special warfare in the Air Force.”


Gabrielle Htway, senior on the varsity track and field team and high jump captain

How have you been practicing your mechanics without the ability to go on campus?: “I have been able to practice my mechanics by mainly going to parks, finding a hill and pretty much doing any sprint workout I can get in based on my surroundings. My coach gave us some ideas for an at home weight-training with water jugs, jump ropes, etc.”


How do you feel about the lack of meets and practices since March 13?: “At first, it was kind of nice to have a break from practice, because, during that time, I had a back injury, but, after I got better, it was kind of upsetting, because I miss going to meets, and I worked so hard during off-season to prepare, and it all kind of went away.”


Are you hoping to continue sports into college and how has COVID-19 affected that?: “Yes. I’m trying to get recruitment right now. Recruiting has been difficult because I lost last year’s season, which would have helped me a lot for high jump, and I’m trying to train to be a possible heptathlete.”


Emily Baughn, junior on the varsity waterpolo team


How have you been practicing for waterpolo without being able to go on campus to use school equipment?: “I’ve only been able to swim at Rancho Simi Community Pool and pass a ball with either my family or a couple teammates.”


How do you feel about the lack of games and practices since March 13?: “It sucks because we are now out of shape, and we aren’t getting to have fun while practicing or playing games. The worst part is I don’t get to play the sport I’ve been playing for eight years.”


Are you considering continuing to play waterpolo in college and do you believe COVID-19 has affected any aspect of playing college waterpolo?: “Yes, I would like to. [COVID-19] has just made me out of shape, but, if we can continue to practice, I can get back into shape.”