Lancers tie for Canyon League title

Lancers tie for Canyon League title

The Lancer Newspaper caught up with new TO head coach Ben McEnroe after the team closed out its regular season with a 7-3 record, a 5-1 Canyon League finish and a share of the league title


THE LANCER: What challenges did you have to overcome in your first season?”

MCENROE: “Every job is unique and there’s no such thing as a perfect job, so there are unique challenges everywhere for us. From a personnel standpoint, we graduated graduated 16 starters. Just getting to know the personnel in the offseason, making sure they’re in the right positions and dealing with the injuries we dealt with, I’m happy to have other guys prepared.”

THE LANCER: “What have you taken from CLU and implemented at TO?”

MCENROE: “Really mostly just experience of 15 years as a coach there, program management. We really built this thing on a collegiate model almost here.”

THE LANCER: Do you have a favorite highlight from this season?

MCENROE: “Getting the water bucket dumped on me at Moorpark was pretty special. It was nice against Agoura because we got a piece of the league championship and just that first water bucket at Moorpark is something that will always stand out to me.”

THE LANCER: What was your first step to becoming head coach at Thousand Oaks?

MCENROE: “Knowing that I wanted to be back in this area [from Florida]. It timed out pretty well, my availability out there and the opportunity here coincided within a matter of weeks. There were other jobs in the area that I was considering, with an offer and everything. So I would say that the timing was perfect and I just set myself in and started talking to people and uh it all worked out”.

THE LANCER: Heading into the playoffs, what is the overall mood of the team?

MCENROE: “I think we’re in a good place. Guys were fairly healthy, and this (bye) week will help us to get back to 100% and we’ll move some guys up from JV to help bolster our numbers and help practice a little bit better. We’re a confident group and we believe in what we’re doing and we know that for us it’s all about practice and just trying to be the best every day.”

THE LANCER: Your son, Cory, is a star tight end and linebacker. What’s it like to coach your own son on a high school team?”

MCENROE: “I’m very fortunate to have a front row seat and to be able to witness that every week. We’ve done it long enough where we have a pretty good understanding of the difference between dad and coach and that’s a great reflection on him and his maturity and where he’s at as a player.”

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