You Never Can Tell Review

As a stereotypical Chinese kid whose life revolves around school, I don’t see many plays, nor do I always enjoy the ones that I do. But after 150 minutes sitting in the PAC, I can say that TOHS Department of Theater’s “You Never Can Tell” was more than worth my time and money.

The comedy, which will be performed tonight and tomorrow night and costs $7,  describes the journey of three siblings who reunite with their father after 18 years of being raised by their mother. Their reunion was less than ideal and the plot is driven by miscommunication, confusion and romance.

I thought that the plot was pretty predictable, but there’s not anything that Theater could have changed to solve that problem. Still, the characters’ dialogue and expressions more than made up for the anticipated storyline and the play was entertaining.

The actors and actresses all played their parts expressively, allowing the audience to understand each character. Even the waiter, who I assumed would be a side character, held an important role in mediating family disputes and had a detailed background.

My only real complaints concerns the accents. The story takes place in England, so naturally all the characters have a British accent. At certain times, these sound forced and are hard to understand. For the most part though, I was able to understand the dialogue and the plot.

In the end, the hilarious conversations make “You Never Can Tell” stand out from the crowd. The plot failed to impress me, but nonetheless the play is still worth seeing for its relatable characters that I would love to see more of.