Karma Indian Cuisine Review

If I had a dollar for every time I declared, “I don’t really like Indian food”, I’d be able to afford college tuition. As such, both myself and my taste buds received a shocking surprise after trying Karma Indian Cuisine.

Due to the pressing need to finish my English homework, I opted for takeout and was slightly daunted by the huge menu posted online. Eleven different kinds of bread would have been surprising enough, not to mention that my eyes began watering from the sheer volume of text. Kinda like a Shakespearean monologue. I ordered over the phone and was helped by a very forgiving employee.

Armed with coupons pillaged from the local Pennysaver knockoff, I marched into the restaurant and was quickly shown the register by a very attentive employee. The entire room smelled delicious, and the dining area looked rather cozy despite the slightly dim lighting — good for a date or a post-exam relief dinner. The bill came up to nearly $30 with the coupon; I was slightly surprised and was glad for the discount.

I decided to be a little fancy when ordering and treated myself to an appetizer: the much-recommended vegetarian samosa.

I was not disappointed.

Combined with a slightly spicy green sauce (still not sure what it was), the samosa more than made up for the malfunctioning traffic light I sat through on the way home. The garlic naan was just as good, and the two soups I ordered — Mulliga Taluny and Daal — were absolute heaven.

But the king of the meal was none other than the chili chicken, clocking in at $11 and steaming in its foam takeout box. Perfectly seasoned and swimming in sauce, onions and bell peppers, words cannot do the dish justice.

I may have chosen a chicken entree, but I was tempted by the numerous vegetarian options.

The only downside to my experience at Karma was the pricing; very few plates fell under $10, so having a casual dinner with friends may not be the best idea. On the upside, the restaurant faces the parking lot (quick takeout getaway!), the staff is attentive and helpful, and the food is excellent. This Lancer is definitely coming back.