The Canadian punk/alternative band, Marianas Trench has just released their fourth album, “Astoria.” I, for one, was very excited to hear what my favorite band had up their sleeves.

The lead singer, Josh Ramsay, based the album off of the 80s coming of age stories, specifically The Goonies. So the feel of “Astoria” is like punk meets the 80s, which is a concept that made me cringe at first, but worked so wonderfully.

The album starts off with one of the band’s classic song medleys, “Astoria.” The song is a great starter to the album and presents several elements from previous albums. Many Marianas Trench fans will recognize the classic note patterns introduced in the 2009 album, “Masterpiece Theatre.” In fact, the band makes several references to previous albums. In the ukulele-featured song, “Dearly Departed,” Marianas Trench features all the song names from their previous album, “Ever After,” in the bridge.

The album picks up a lot, and listeners really get a taste of Ramsay’s incredibly high voice in songs such as “Burning Up” and “This Means War.” The album also adds some variety with some slower songs like, “Forget Me Not.” To really encase the storytelling aspect, the band plays some non-lyrical songs that are meant to sound like a movie score.

Finally, the album concludes with a final medley, “End of an Era.” A brilliant end to a brilliant album.

The album showcases a new side of Marianas Trench that still shows the side we know and love. I would recommend the album to anyone looking for something new and exciting. That’s the way I felt after listening to it.