Jumping off YouTube


After watching 16 seasons of “America’s Home Funniest Videos” a new way of watching cats make human sounds and parents trying too hard to please their kids was born on the internet. Created in 2005, YouTube has taken the internet world in its grasp. According to mavsocial, YouTube scales over one billion view each month, claiming more and more viewers every day surpassing its opponent Vimeo, with only 170 million views a month. YouTube extends across all other social media venues. YouTube videos have been shared over Facebook, Twitter, and even unused platforms such as Google Plus. Over the years, YouTube has become much more than funny home videos but also turned into a podium of starting movie stardom and creating mini celebrities.

Uploading any content has been the appeal of YouTube, creating some classic viral video history like “Charlie Bit Me,” “Bed Intruder Song,” and “Potter Puppet Pals.” YouTube has become a staple in pop culture providing new dance moves and jingles to sing and talk about. Influencing today’s young minds, YouTube is shaping the thoughts and opinions of a younger generation.

Moving past single one hit video wonders, people have used Youtube to create a channel for continuous videos of various context. Evolving into a system creating professional videos and gaining social status, there’s a shift in YouTubers to become rich and famous in the process. Producing new context outside of YouTube, movies and songs made by YouTubers are increasing their celebrity status. Tyler Oakley, a YouTuber with 7,823,800 subscribers and counting, recently releasing a movie called “Snervous,” documenting his journey of being a YouTuber and covering his worldwide tour. Other Youtubers have also composed their own songs like Troye Sivan seating fifth in iTune’s Top 100 albums with his Wild EP.

Changing the game for the old traditions of everyone gets 15 minutes of fame, these Youtubers have extended their 15 minutes, into many 15 minute video clips. YouTube has become the new ‘in’ for actors. Shay Michell from “Pretty Little Liars” and Flula Borg from “Pitch Perfect” being big Hollywood stars have their own YouTube accounts. Starting young people’s careers and helping them achieve their dreams, YouTube has made ideas into a reality, providing new pathways into success.