Kung Fury Review

If you took every 80’s cop movie cliche and every 80’s kung fu movie cliche, put it in a blender and jacked it up on steroids, you would get the greatest movie ever made: Kung Fury. This 30 minute long short film is the wet dream of every arcade dwelling teen that grew up in the 1980’s. Filled with crazy martial art stunts, over the top action sequences and David Hasselhoff, Kung Fury is a hilarious homage to the terrible B-movies we all love deep down.

The movie follows the life of titular main character Kung Fury, a Miami cop given mystical kung-fu powers after being bitten by a cobra and struck by lightning at the same time. After being assigned a new partner, Triceracop (who is both a triceratop and a cop), the two must travel back in time to defeat Adolf Hitler: Kung Fuhrer. They team up with allies like Hackerman, a mullet-wearing computer wiz able to hack time, Barbarianna the machine gun toting Valkyrie and the Norse god Thor.

The amount of camp in this movie is amazing. Hammy acting and ridiculous writing perfectly balance the over the top plot. It never takes itself seriously and fully embraces well worn cliches by taking them to the extreme in the most radical way possible. Fight scenes are ridiculous in a way that satisfies everyone’s inner five-year-old. I mean, Hitler riding a metal eagle fighting a dinosaur in a cop uniform is just fun to say, let alone actually watch.

Despite its B-movie levels of camp, the amount of detail and hard work poured into this movie are incredible. The special effects are incredible, especially considering the fact that the movie was funded on kickstarter for only $630,000. Scenes are cut with VHS style distortions that make it look that it was tape recorded in the 80’s.

This movie takes every crazy action movie fantasy you had as a little kid and runs it through an 80’s B-movie filter. The result is a rollercoaster of a non-stop adventure that I can only describe as furiously awesome.