Disney Plus vs. Netflix: Is Disney+ better than Netflix?

By comparing prices, variety, and more, is Disney+ a better option?



By Janely Fernandez

 Before Disney+ came out, there were not many streaming networks that offered shows and movies from our childhoods. We all remember watching Disney classics such as “The Lady and the Tramp”, or “The Aristocats,” on DVD, but as the world slowly moved towards streaming, these movies were unavailable for cheap and easy access. That was until Disney+ came out in 2019.

Unlike Netflix, Disney+ offers a wide range of shows and movies from our childhoods for us to watch. While Netflix mostly consists of more recent content, Disney+ includes both recent and older content such as the original “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” from 1937 and Star Wars “The Mandalorian.” Some may think that Disney+ only has shows and movies produced by Disney, but there are also National Geographic documentaries, and content from The Simpsons and Marvel.

“Netflix has a better variety to be inclusive for everyone, but Disney+ has more nostalgia for Gen Z,” junior Sara Nguyen said.  

It can also take seven months to a year for recently released movies to make it onto Netflix. On Disney+, you can purchase newer movies, such as “Mulan,” and then watch them as many times as you would like for the price of $29.99. You can even watch new movies, like “Soul,” for free!

This streaming network is heaven for those who are still kids at heart and for those who want to relax on a Friday night by watching a movie with their family. Disney+ offers more family-friendly movies than Netflix. It does not include R or TV-MA rated content, which is perfect for families with younger children and can spare possible awkwardness for those without.

According to Netflix.com, they offer streaming for only one device at a time for $8.99/month where Disney Plus is $6.99/month with simultaneous streaming for four devices. In order to be able to stream 4 devices at once on Netflix, you have to pay $15.99/month which is more than double the price for Disney+. It is more cost-effective and convenient for families rather than individuals. 

With more family-friendly content, lower prices, and more, Disney+ triumphs over Netflix. If you’re bored and looking for a blast from the past, Disney+ is the way to go!



By Jayden Rollins-Nurse

There are over thousands of TV shows and movies available on Netflix. From Blockbuster movies to Netflix originals, to TV shows for every age and in every genre, it is one of the top streaming services in the world. With over 180 million subscribers. They also have some of the best TV shows and movies in television history. 

“I have [Netflix and Disney+], and I just find myself using Netflix so much more. I love Disney, but I only ever watch Marvel movies on there, whereas Netflix has a ton of other shows and movies that I love from all genres,” junior Sydney Uliazsaid.

Netflix has 20 different categories, which gives you more options to choose from. Netflix only requires a subscription of $12.99 a month. Whereas on Disney+ you may have to pay for a movie, for example, when Mulan came out only on Disney+ you had to pay $29.99.

Netflix lets you move around from crime documentaries like “Unsolved Mysteries” or “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.” Then you can watch critically acclaimed shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” or “The Vampire Diaries.” It also has its fair amount of noteworthy originals such as “Stranger Things” and “Bird Box.” Netflix lets you download all movies and TV shows so that you can watch on the go. 

Netflix has also won multiple awards for shows like “Queer Eye” and “Cheer.” In total, they have won 37 Emmys, 8 Oscars, and 4 Golden Globes. Netflix will alert you about new suggestions they think you would like and when new movies and shows come out. If you enjoy watching drama, Netflix will have suggestions for drama shows you may like. They also have a section called “My List” where you can put TV shows and movies you want to watch.

Netflix is available on all platforms, like phones, computers, and gaming consoles. You can watch Netflix anywhere and anytime with exclusive content.