Girl Next Door Review


Emma Caudill

The all-female band Girl Next Door owned the stage during their performance on Saturday, Jan 7th. Performing a 30 minute set at Rock City Studios along with five other female fronted bands, the group of three talented young artists brought the full package to the stage during their set; style, music, and audience interaction. Girl Next Door has a unique style that matches perfectly with their pop rock music.

The three girls performed two covers and three original catchy songs onstage. By the end of the songs I was left wanting more. Girl Next Door performed covers of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You Been Gone” and Hey Violet’s “This is Why.” Each song was performed with a twist that made it different from the original but still extremely entertaining.


Girl Next Door was very interactive with the audience during their set and each member appeared to be having a lot of fun performing onstage. The women talked about their songs before/ after singing them and even introduced their instruments and the names they gave them. Girl Next Door’s closing song even had a few parts that even let the crowd test their vocal skills.

With an  EP coming out soon, the girls truly belong onstage. All three band members play an instrument and sing. Girl Next Door has a true talent for getting an audience pumped up and putting on a great show.



Thank you to everyone who went to the show and tuned into our live stream! BIG NEWS SOON

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if you missed out performance on saturday night, check out our facebook (GirlNextDoor) and watch the full thing!?

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