Changes at the Clinic


In our currently changing world, consistency and reliability are important in the form of essential businesses. The Westminster Free Clinic and its staff are working hard to provide for the patients that come in whatever way they need to while keeping everyone safe.

“The week before school was closed was the last week I went and everyone was checked for fever before entering and we used hand sanitizer constantly,”  senior Marina Zernick said. 

These students now make the choice, in these conditions, to continue helping these patients to make sure their needs are met. Parents have to sign off on letting their children continue volunteering.

“The patients that come in have urgent concerns or are short on medications. Both which are necessities to visit. There are also families that come to receive bread or vegetables which is important considering most of the Westminster families that receive aid, have a stalled income at the moment” junior Sarai Mendoza said. 

Westminister clinic is not only assisting patients with their medical needs by getting them prescriptions, but they are also going above and beyond and assisting with groceries which are hard to get a hold of at this time. The high school volunteers are helpful this time seeing as younger kids are more healthy in this time period.

“The clinic is still open but there are only a few student volunteers to translate and pass out food. There is a limited amount of people as there are fewer doctors as well,” junior Chloe Schalyo said.

We are very grateful for the students and volunteers who put in their time and patience to help others, our essential workers.


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