ASB Retreats to Pali


To celebrate the end of the first semester, Thousand Oaks High School’s ASB packed their bags full to the brim with warm jackets and snow gear and headed to Pali mountain for their annual retreat, an ASB tradition. The retreat destination has had some variations over the past years, but Pali mountain is the usual location.

Sophomore Alyssa Stovall said “Last year we went to Disneyland, but in years before I believe that ASB has always gone to Pali.”

Pali may not seem like the most enjoyable place to go on a retreat in the middle of the freezing winter, but all the SoCal ASB students enjoyed a change of scenery in the snow as they bonded and made memories.

“It is a good way for us to get to talk to some of the people we don’t know as well and build new relationships with one another,” Stovall explained,“We have a big long poster we call ‘warm and fuzzies’ and we write nice notes to other people,” shared Stovall.

Here was the schedule for a normal day on the mountain:

  • Get up early
  • Eat breakfast together as one big group
  • Do a few bonding activities including a speed dating question game, a baby picture guessing game, and karaoke
  • Play in the snow
  • Eat lunch
  • Free time (a.k.a. messing around in the snow)
  • Eat dinner
  • More bonding activities
  • Late night talks in the cabins


As they enjoyed the snow, ASB members practiced a few traditions that they always do on their retreat, like dressing up in ‘80s workout wear one night.  

The ASB retreat to Pali mountain was successfully used to bond with others in the class,  to form stronger relationships with everyone and to create memories that will last a lifetime.