Pellet Gun On Campus


On Wednesday, Dec. 13 the Thousand Oaks Police Department (TOPD)  arrested a nineteen-year-old male for revealing to three female students what appeared to be a gun in the Thousand Oaks High School parking lot.

Following the incident, the students approached Assistant Principal Christina Harrison, in the Avenida De Los Flores lot, to report a male in his late teens had stepped out of his car to show the girls he had a gun.

Harrison investigated the claim, but the male and three other teens sped out of the parking lot before they could be identified. The TOPD was contacted immediately and responded to the report.

All parties involved were contacted and a felony arrest was made early Wednesday evening.

According to the TOPD, the gun reported by students was determined to be a pellet gun.

Thousand Oaks High School Administration commented, “The male perpetrator is not a student at TOHS and the campus is safe as the situation was reported and immediately handled by staff with the cooperation of the TOPD.”