Katy Perry Is Pregnant

Katy Perry, to date, is one of the most significant pop artists of Gen-Z. Earlier today (Thursday) she touched all of our hearts by announcing that she is pregnant with her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom. Her reveal was not said with words but rather shown visually at the end of her newest music video for her song Never Worn White.
“I can not believe Katy Perry is pregnant, part of me thinks she will still dress her child up as a lollipop.” Junior Kendall Case said.
Although Perry is the one going through the major milestone, as people in the generation that listened to her growing up, it is interesting to see your childhood artist growing up just like you are.
“ I’m happy for her, she’s starting her own family.” Junior Mia Duarte said.
Fans will always be like a second family for an artist and that means being supportive. Perry will need all the support she can get from the KatyCats in the next couple of months, and she will undoubtedly get it.
“ I think a music video is a very cool way to announce a pregnancy, it’s every 2010 Katy,” Junior Amani Jarmakani said.
Despite growing up, parts of Perry’s career will be incorporated into this child’s life and the rest of Perrys, which almost makes her fans feel more included. We are all excited to see Perry and her fiance through on the rest of this journey.