Unique Part Time Jobs

Most teenagers get a job once they turn 16, the usual jobs would be retail or food, but there are those certain teens that get a chance to do something greater from an early age. I decided to go and ask a couple people what kind of unique jobs that they got granted the chance of doing.


When getting older we start to think about what we want to do in the future or a way to start sooner in the working industry to help us get ready. I asked senior Charlotte Zepeda what kind of job she had and she said “I am a Vet Technician or vet assistant, I check in the patients to there room and do simple procedures, but in more complex procedures I hold the animals in place and reassure them that they are okay.” Charlotte works at Midtown Veterinary Clinic which is located in Newbury Park and provides health care for cats, dogs, and exotic pets. Since she was little she has always wanted to be a veterinarian and this job gives her a chance to test out how much she likes it before going through all the years of school to officially be a vet. “The craziest experience that comes to mind with this job is we had this puppy that came in multiple times and this puppy loved to swallow socks, and rather than doing surgery to remove them the dog would be giving something to make them throw up.” said Charlotte. 


Moving forward I asked senior Braden Merville what kind of job he had and he said “I am a mechanic/fabricator who builds custom off-road trucks at Kibbetech and works on customer cars at Fred’s Auto.” Some of us wonder how a highschool student can already start out in this kind of business without having the right education for it. I asked Braden why he wanted to strive for this job and he said “My cars have always been unreliable, and I never had enough money to go to a mechanic to have them fixed so I started to fix the issues myself and eventually I realized I wanted to try out working in an actual shop.” Braden works at two shops that are both located in Thousand Oaks. “I do see a future in this job as it’s always been a hobby of mine to work on cars and create things,” said Braden. There is millions of different kind of cars that can come into the shop, but some are more fun to work “I love to work on classic cars the most, because it’s so cool to see how different they are from newer cars and my favorite car part has to be the motor, because it’s the heart of the car and powers everything.” said Braden.