What’s The Deal With The iPhone 7?


Samuel Hwang, Website Writer

At an initial glance, Apple’s new iPhone 7 looks nearly identical to the iPhone 6 and 6s, leading many to believe that not much has changed from previous versions.

But after using the iPhone 7, many realize that what is underneath the enclosure that truly counts.

When compared with the 6s, users can see that the iPhone 7 is still the same size and shape, allowing for the use of older iPhone generation cases.

This new iPhone comes in five distinct colors: silver, gold, rose gold, space grey, and the new jet black finish. Although the iPhone 7 may look no different than the 6 and 6s, several major changes were made to the phone’s external hardware.

First off, the phone is now water and dust resistant (not waterproof), and can be submerged a meter deep in water for as long as half an hour. Also, the home button looks exactly the same as former generations, but instead of being a physical button, it is a series of pressure sensors and haptic vibration motors called the Taptic Engine that vibrates when pushed on rather than moving downwards like previous generations.

As many have heard, Apple has removed the headphone jack, replacing it with new stereo speakers that allow for immersive sound that are twice as loud as the 6s. Don’t worry though, the phone comes with EarPods with a Lightning connector and a separate headphone jack adapter, so there’s no need to buy the new AirPods that come at the staggering price of $159.

The functions that are held within the phone are a huge leap from that of former generations.

The new and improved dual camera featured on the 7 Plus leads the mobile phone industry into a new age of photography. This 12-megapixel camera has optical image stabilization and 6-element lens that allows for photos with more detail, brightness, and color. These two cameras allow for 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom.

Apple has used the new A10 Fusion Chip in the iPhone 7, which is the most powerful chip to ever be put into a smartphone. This chip has two high-performance cores that run twice as fast as those in the 6s, and two high-efficiency cores that allow the phone to run at one-fifth of the power of the high-performance cores.

The iPhone 7’s graphics are also three times as fast as the iPhone 6 while using half the power.

Basically, this new iPhone will have extensively better battery life and better performance than any of the previous models.

Overall, the new iPhone is not a revolutionizing advancement in the smartphone industry, so I’m going to waiting on the next generation to be released and hope to see much more improvement than the 7.