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TOHS Theatre Flies Among the Stars
TOHS Theatre Flies Among the Stars
Gemma Spraggins, Assistant News Editor • November 21, 2023

With opening night of “Peter and the Starcatcher” on Thursday, November 16th, and closing night on Saturday, November 18th, the cast has...

Boston Journalism Convention goes in all the ‘write’ ways
Boston Journalism Convention goes in all the ‘write’ ways
Aandrea Pineda-Dominguez, News Editor • November 6, 2023

With a stinging chill in the air, professional writers and aspiring journalists gathered in Boston, MA for the annual JEA/NSPA Fall National...

Should schools have a block schedule?
Maximus Cover and Christian-Isaiah Aguilar November 3, 2023

Fall Sports Round-Up
November 3, 2023

No red flags for Girls Flag Football
No red flags for Girls Flag Football
Lilah Swaving and Riley Brown October 28, 2023

Former Thousand Oaks High School varsity head football coach Mike Leibin took on a new yet somewhat familiar challenge: TO girls flag football...

Lancers tie for Canyon League title
Lancers tie for Canyon League title
Jackson Kurtz, The Lancer Staff • October 28, 2023

Q&A THE LANCER: What challenges did you have to overcome in your first season?” MCENROE: “Every job is unique and there’s no such...

Lakers Preview: Title No. 18?
Lakers Preview: Title No. 18?
Jake Bradley, Sports Editor • October 28, 2023

With LeBron James entering his 21st season in the NBA, he only has his eyes on winning his fifth championship and, for the Lakers, their...

Rhiannon Hendershot, The Lancer Staff • October 28, 2023

Reign of Terror 275 N Moorpark Rd East, Thousand Oaks, Sept. 29-Nov. 4, 7 p.m.-11 p.m. Walk through various bone-chilling rooms and exhibits...

Preserving the human aspect in the age of AI
Preserving the human aspect in the age of AI
Joseph Goodnight, Opinion Editor • October 28, 2023

With the ever-changing scope of technology, we as a generation constantly have to accept new ways in which artificial intelligence is integrating...

Día de los Muertos Dance strives for increased inclusivity
Día de los Muertos Dance strives for increased inclusivity
Kimberly Jerez, The Lancer Staff • October 28, 2023

The Latino Connection Club at Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park and Westlake High have come together to host their annual Día de los Muertos dance,...

Momo Sonoda, Editor-In-Chief • October 28, 2023

Unanimous GOP vote elects Rep. Mike Johnson for House Speaker More than three weeks after the historical outsting of the Speaker of the House,...

Cheers, Starbucks: a new staple in TO
Cheers, Starbucks: a new staple in TO
Kailah Spencer, The Lancer Staff • October 28, 2023

“Can I get a Lancer Frappuccino?” was something Starbucks manager Miguel Medina heard a lot of following the opening of the new store...

TO welcomes college visitors
Alyssa Kiszczak, Managing Editor • October 28, 2023

Throughout the year, TO provides students with college visits from many schools across the nation. They usually consist of an informational briefing...

Orchestra starting the year off on a good note
Orchestra starting the year off on a good note
Aandrea Pineda-Dominguez, News Editor • October 28, 2023

The instruments are finely tuning, patience is running out, and the maestro is preparing to orchestrate another musical masterpiece. Thousand...

Science Rooms gets a Facelift
Gemma Spraggins, Assistant News Editor • October 28, 2023

On the first day of the school year, TO forensics teacher Michael Flores watched his class experience science in a whole new way. As...

JV Football Victories


No roaring student section; no “Friday night lights,” but rather just a small crowd of passionate friends and family watching along as the Lancers JV football team takes on the Panthers in a heated league rivalry game that came down to the final snap.

This season was an impressive one. Game after game their strong offense and impactful defense take the field and put up big numbers against powerful opponents. Wins against teams such as Newbury Park and Pacifica have the future of the football program looking bright.

“The main goal for this season was to learn and develop, and I think we accomplished that,” coach Tracy Spencer said.    

Finishing with a record of 3-3, it’s clear that the JV football team has an abundance of talent in its small 28 man roster, but only having 28 players may have just been their downfall in some of the closer losses this season.

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“The biggest problem we have right now is numbers,” said Spencer. “We have athletes [playing] both ways, every game, but every team we played did not have to do that.”

Despite the low number of players on the sidelines, the offense looked impressive this season with sophomore quarterback Miles Briers and freshman quarterback Charlie Spencer sharing the snaps in the backfield.

The other side of the ball has also been playing strong throughout the year, only allowing over 25 points on one occasion.

Although their record falls below the .500 mark, they put up close fights against many of the best football schools in the area, evident by scores such as an 8-7 loss against La Serna in the season opener.

Despite these impressive showings, many of the players feel that they could have performed even stronger this season.

“I feel like we could have definitely done better,” sophomore running back Michael Ostrow said. “We are the best [JV] team in Conejo Valley.”

Coming off of a successful season from previous year’s freshman team, this year’s JV squad carried over a lot of the chemistry and friendships that they developed last year.

“Our chemistry [is] great,” Ostrow said. ‘We are all a family and no one can take that away from us.”

The bonds built between the team and the coaches has also been one of this team’s main advantages.

“In order to run plays you have to be able to be coached. Athletes have to be willing to listen and do what the coach says” Spencer said. “That was the biggest strength of this team.”

The team focused a lot of this season on development, and many of the players are looking to grow as players so they can have the chance represent the Lancers next year at the varsity level.

“That’s the whole point of JV. You want to learn so you can move into varsity next year,” Spencer said.

Looking past the lack of screaming fans and flashy entrances, JV football for Thousand Oaks has really been some of the more impressive and exciting football to watch this year. With these young players continuing to develop, watch for their names as they have the opportunity to play under the Friday night lights in the coming years.

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