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New MegaMind TV and Movie Sequel Release
New MegaMind TV and Movie Sequel Release
Joseph Goodnight, Opinion Editor • February 20, 2024

In March of this year, Dreamworks is set to release a Peacock exclusive TV show and movie sequel to the beloved 2010 MegaMind movie. The trailer...

In Fastbreak Fashion
Jake Bradley, Sports Editor • February 14, 2024

Lancers lead the way in the second half. The Great Oak Wolfpack came into Thousand Oaks Tuesday night for the CIF quarterfinals and with them...

Perserving in Penalty’s
Jake Bradley, Sports Editor • February 14, 2024

The Lady Lancers traveled to a neutral site in Anaheim to take on the Katella Knights in the second round of the CIF-SS girls soccer playoffs....

Kanye - He's Back at it...or Maybe Not?
Elijah Brown, The Lancer Staff • February 14, 2024

Kanye West's new album “Vultures 1”, many nationwide were skeptical at first about Kanye's new album considering the controversies he has...

It’s Valentine’s, Baby
It’s Valentine’s, Baby
Momo Sonoda, Editor-In-Chief • February 14, 2024

St. Valentine’s Day commemorates the death of St. Valentine, but for others, the holiday marks a day of birth. Junior Chokee Weezer was born...

Health Science Majors Program hosts their senior showcase
Momo Sonoda, Editor-In-Chief • February 12, 2024

Last week, the seniors in Health Science Majors hosted a showcase, featuring various professions that they hope to pursue in the future. At the...

Advancing Again
Jake Bradley, Sports Editor • February 12, 2024

The Lancers left campus during lunch to travel to Temecula for their round two playoff game, and the ride wasn’t enough to stop the Lancers....

Double-Double Galore
Jake Bradley, Sports Editor • February 12, 2024

The Lancers once again came out of a playoff game as a victor, behind a powerful Trent Maclean performance nonetheless. Maclean powered his way...

Avid Attack
Jake Bradley, Sports Editor • February 9, 2024

A massive performance from standout freshman led the way for the Lancers at Ventura College, freshman Maddie Linville started the game off strong...

Advancing at last!
Jake Bradley, Sports Editor • February 8, 2024

Fast start, with no slowing down, your Lancers took down the Chaffey Tigers 3-1. A very early goal from junior attacker Gabriel Torreblanca gave...

Elias Chin ready to take a shot
Onto the Next
Jake Bradley, Sports Editor • February 8, 2024

Advancing at last!  Despite a close score after each of the first two quarters, stars Elias Chin and Trent Maclean were able to help the Lancers...

Valentines Day grams for your special someone -- or not
Valentine's Day grams for your special someone -- or not
Gabriella Muller, The Lancer Staff • February 8, 2024

With Valentine's day approaching quickly, the student store is crowded with students buying Valentine's Grams for people they know -- and those...

Sephora Takeover
Sephora Takeover
Gabriella Muller, The Lancer Staff • February 8, 2024

With the rise of popular skincare brands coming from Tiktok, Sephora is seeing a rise in sales but a massive drop in age. “10-13 year old kids...

Point Counterpoint: The Super Debate
Point Counterpoint: The Super Debate
Kevin Starr and Christian-Isaiah Aguilar February 8, 2024

Two The Lancer columnists -- Kevin Starr and Christian-Isaiah Aguilar -- have strong opinions about the upcoming Super Bowl. Here, they square...

on the bottom is real animal based leather, while on the top is “vegan” leather, or “pleather”
Vegan Leather is Worse for the Environment than Real Leather
Joseph Goodnight, Opinion Editor • February 8, 2024

Throughout the the past 20 years the interest in sustainability and ethicality has risen immensely, especially in regards to fashion, as the...

Sidelined Slugger


Already taking a leap of faith into his future, sophomore baseball player Roc Riggio has already committed to a 4-year university. Although it is sometimes normal to hear about sports players committing to colleges early in their sophomore or even junior year, Roc has been committed to UCLA since eighth grade.

“I commited so early because it’s relieved a lot of pressure off my shoulders.” Riggio said.

Riggio’s journey to his commitment began long before he even started playing baseball.

“[My dad] originally named me Roc because he thought Roc Riggio was a cool baseball name” said Riggio.

He began to play when he was just 4 years old, but didn’t realize his full potential until he was 12.

When it came to time to decide what college to commit to, Riggio did not have a simple decision ahead of him.

“I was talking to about 10-15 different colleges,” Riggio said.

The amount of choices made the decision that much harder. When it came down to it, he settled on the Southern California university.

“The campus is gorgeous, the academics are top notch, and the baseball coaches and baseball facilities and field are beautiful,” said Riggio. “I just loved the atmosphere.”

Riggio has played for two other teams in Grace Brethren and Chaminade Prep, but has settled on Thousand Oaks for his high school career. Despite playing in the fall season for the Lancers, the transfer left Riggio ineligible for Marmonte League play.

“[Thousand Oaks] is a great place for baseball because we are more than a team we are a brotherhood and a family and I would and can rely on each and every one of those guys,” Riggio said.

Riggio is ranked 5th in his entire class, and this big hitter has shown his talent by playing for nationally competitive club teams.

But Riggio has not made all of his success by himself. He says there have been two people in his life that have made the most impact on him. His best friend Cole Rebienspies, who playes baseball for the Annapolis Naval Academy, has always helped him battle through challenges that life throws at him. The person he credits most for his success though is his dad.

“He’s made me the man I am today and has taught [me] most everything I know” Riggio said.

Riggio dreams about playing for his favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers and being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“Baseball is not just a game to me baseball is a way of accepting failure because half of the game is failure” Riggio said.

Although Riggio will be watching from the dugout for the remaining games of this season, what he has shown on the field already is enough to paint a bright future for Lancers baseball. With 2 years left in his high school campaign until he suits up for UCLA, Riggio is setting his sights on big things, but isn’t letting the pressure get to him.

“I will play baseball until the day I stop having fun,” Riggio said. “That’s when I know to call it quits.”

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