Seniors Reflect on Past STUNT Season


While physically celebrating the accomplishments of senior athletes is on pause, many seniors look back on their years of athletic fun. The STUNT teammates look upon their growth through the years. 

“Throughout my four years on STUNT, both the nature of the sport and the long practices spent with my teammates inevitably resulted in friendships and a successful season. It’s a fast-paced sport that taught me to trust my teammates from the start, and as we’ve grown this same concept has not been lost,” senior Ance Trapse said. 

 As with many once mundane activities, athletes are unsure when they will be able to play or practice their sport again. Though the season was halted early on, the seniors reminisce upon the memories they had made and crafted for four years in these now uncertain times.

“I’m going to miss all the supportive and amazing friends and coaches I’ve made on STUNT. I’ll miss messing around at practice and seeing them every day. That competitive drive and the excited nerves before a game won’t ever feel the same without them, “ Trapse said. 

STUNT athletes also recall the relationships built together. And though the sport was officially added to Thousand Oaks High School 14 years ago, these short four years helped to develop the players individually and as a team.

“We work so hard together and always try and get each other to understand that what we are working towards is something we each have a part in. Everyone is a valuable player and we encourage each other to be the best possible teammate and lift each other,” senior Maya Casanova said. 

While the seniors will move on without the typical senior night or customary celebrations, the memories they made during their seasons are unforgettable. 

“One of my favorite memories was when we beat Westlake. The energy that game was like no other. We hit all of our stunts, and everyone was cheering on the sidelines and in the stands. After the game, we all kept stunting and throwing baskets just to stay in that moment as long as we could,” Trapse said.

In these unprecedented times, many seniors are uncertain of what their future may hold. However, this group of STUNT athletes is hopeful and remembers the challenges, and the ups and downs they faced during their four years.