A Promising Future

Thousand Oaks Boys Varsity Water Polo makes a name for themselves by becoming runners up for the C.I.F. championship.


The playoffs for the Thousand Oaks High School Varsity Boys Water Polo Team have recently ended with them ending as runners up for the C.I.F. championship. In their league, they went undefeated with six wins, giving them a spot in the playoffs.

“I feel like those guys already have such a good record, and have made it so far, that at this point, no matter where their season ends, it’ll solidify their name,” Junior Varsity Water Polo Player Sean Henry said.

Going into the playoffs, teams generally face tougher opponents that have also made it. Luckily, Varsity Water Polo Coach Kornel Ujszaszi is more than ready for the challenges they face.

“The boys are prepared for anything, we only need to play as a team and we can get anywhere,” Ujszaszi said.

Thousand Oaks played numerous games where two of which were qualifiers. It was a blowout in the game they played against Moorpark, which resulted in a final score of thirty-one to five in Thousand Oaks’ favor. On the other hand, the second game against Palos Verdes did not go as well. Palos Verdes ended up beating Thousand Oaks with a score of eleven to five. Nevertheless, Ujszaszi has an answer for keeping the team’s spirits high.

 “Stay focused!” Ujszaszi said, “Don’t let circumstances move off from our path.”

Their standout game against Claremont High School was certainly exciting with the two teams scoring back and forth the whole game. In the end, Thousand Oaks ended up winning the battle, which was only the beginning of their playoff run. 

“Our thoughts were that this game was the first step to our journey in C.I.F and we needed to start it off right if we wanted to win,” Senior Water Polo Player Laike Van Item said.

With how Thousand Oaks has performed this season, the team may have the confidence they need to be successful in the seasons to come.