Coronavirus Protection, Does it Work?

Surely the Coronavirus is a scary thing, and the thing that makes it even worse is that it spreads fast and is deadly to some. It was originally started in China and in 2019. It has spread among Italy and around 34 states in the United States so far. It is most likely going to go to more states and countries because many people are still traveling all over the world. You may be wondering, how are we not going to catch the Coronavirus and protect ourselves? And the answer to that question is pretty complicated.
There are many things you can do to try to prevent yourself from getting the virus but the real question is, do any of them work? There is no cure to the virus yet and there is also no specific prevention to the virus. You can try ways to no get it but none of them are guaranteed.
Here are some ways to avoid the Coronavirus: wash your hands many times a day, don’t touch your face, carry wipes with you, and wear masks to cover your nose and mouth while in crowded places such as the airport. There is a myth that you can eat garlic to help not get the virus. Don’t be dependent on hand sanitizer and in the case you do need to clean your hands, if you can, wash them.
In conclusion, there is no way to completely be sure that these ways will work for you and you won’t get the Coronavirus, but they should come in handy if you are feeling sick.