Wolf of TikTok

Out of all business influencers on tiktok a new one has appeared and he is Jordan Belfort, the focus of the blockbuster The Wolf of Wall Street a former stockbroker and convicted felon.


A new Tik Tok business influencer has emerged and it’s the one and only Jordan Belfort. Jordan Belfort, a business entrepreneur who is the topic of the blockbuster movie “The Wolf Of Wall Street ” has recently become very popular on Tik Tok. Belfort’s official name on Tik Tok is “thewolfofwallstreet” and is verified.  

“The Wolf Of Wall Street” was released in 2013 and Belfort created his Tik Tok account long after in 2019. “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a semi-biographical comedy film about Belfort’s life. Jordan created his tik tok  On his tik tok account Belfort mostly posts videos answering questions about himself and financial advice. These videos have racked Jordan a total of over 3 million followers and growing.

“There definitely is some irony in him giving financial advice on Tik Tok and it is pretty funny,” junior Andy Bergholtz said.

Besides Tik Tok, Jordan makes a living giving financial seminars trying to pay off debts that developed during his stock-broker career. Belfort’s content has received mostly positive reactions with his growing following. 

“I do not become my failure, I am not the failures of my past.” Jordan Belfort said in one of his videos. 

Most of the backlash on his tik tok accounts has come from people asking if he understood the ‘Wolf of Wall Street”. 

“I don’t think that he fully understood the movie,” Junior Matthew Suban said.