Goodbye Betty White

Well-known actress, Betty White, passes away weeks before her 100th birthday. We speak to fellow fans of this actress to reflect on our memories of her.


On December 31, actress and comedian Betty White passed away in her sleep. Betty White was actively working in show business for 82 years. She was in numerous parts that played huge roles in our childhoods. Betty White’s long career brought us all laughter and fond memories that will cause her to live on in our hearts forever. Her work still affects plenty of students born in 2005, in spite of her earlier roles being so long ago. 

“She was a great actress and [she] will definitely be missed,” Sophomore Madeline Cooper said. 

On top of having an amazing career, Betty White continued her success while she was 99 years old. Her age perfectly puts into perspective that not only was she a hard worker but she was also a tough lady with plenty of life within her that always gave her a well-known and positive reputation. 

“At 99 she had more youth than my dad,” Junior Michael Nelson said. 

This “first lady of television” touched so many lives of people and also animals. Betty White was a huge fan of animals and helped plenty of zoos throughout her life. Since 2012, “Pink’s Hot Dogs” have had a hot dog named after her. Until January 9th, all proceeds from that hot dog will go to the LA Zoo in honor of Betty White’s dedication to animals. 

“She was so pure and genuine. She was so considerate and worked with zoos wherever she went,” Junior Bailey Glass said. 

As we part with this beautiful person, we do not worry about her peace. Betty White always said that she never feared death because she knew she would be reunited with her late husband Allen Ludden. Her last word before her death was “Allen”. This beautiful woman will live in our hearts forever and she will go down in history as one of the greatest people to walk this Earth. Betty White is resting in her well-deserved eternal rest.