Here Comes the Girl Scouts


Abbey Austin-Wood, Staff Writer

Growing up, most of us have come across a Girl Scout selling cookies. I know this too well, because I am also a girl scout. Girl Scouts do more than just sell sweet treats.

A couple months ago, our troop was selling cookies outside of Muvico. I was in a great mood until a bunch of people just walked over to our stand outside the theater and started to cuss and insult us, calling us peddlers and convicts.  Eventually, we had to pack up and leave. We don’t sell outside Muvico anymore. To tell the truth, I’ve never been so frightened in all my life.

However, I think that Girl Scouts do matter in this world. Sure, we do fun activities and trips, but they teach us valuable qualities to have in our lives. Girl Scouts are also a way to find some hope in our world when there’s a disaster or war happening and they also make care packages to send to families in need and to our troops in the army and navy. Individually, we send children toys and games to occupy them when their family member is out fighting for our country.  

Although we have to deal with some scary situations, we Girl Scouts do some interesting activities. We go on fun trips from the Pumpkin Carving Convention to float decorating for the Rose Parade to touring pottery factories. For my troop, our goal after we’re done selling nuts, candy and cookies we hope to go to Florida and have fun at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios for a couple weeks at each amusement park.

Actually, all around the world, they are some Girl Scouts right under your nose. You may be going to school with some and not know it. If you’re at TOHS, however, there are multiple Girl Scout troops on campus. So, if I were you, I would make sure that I get to know them. Besides, who knows? They might hook you up with some sweet treats such as nuts and candy and cookies! People can find out where the Girl Scout troops are by asking other students or teachers on campus.

I think that Girl Scouts are awesome. But, sometimes people think that we don’t matter or care in this world. I have some news for you they do. So get ready world, cause here comes the Girl Scouts.