The Update for Mask Mandates for Schools

For the past two years California has been mandated to wear mask coverings in public settings, if you are near contact of six feet. Having the mandate for public outings have been lifted, the decision for schools to lift mask mandates have been postponed till February, 28. Now we have the decision of the mandate lift and when schools are expected to not require masks.


The mask mandate has been installed for the past two years, but now with the mask mandates being lifted in the public it has caused controversy but now it has been lifted in schools. The state of California has decided that the mandate of masks should be lifted and now people have the choice whether or not they would want to wear one. But the decision for the mandate to be lifted for schools was postponed until the twenty-eighth of February, now with the decision made and masks being an option for students by March 12.  

           Dr. Mark Ghaly, California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary spoke, this Monday about the new mask guidance and policy and has said, “It will be a fluid, California approach moving forward,” mentioning that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are helping to guide the structure, but will continue to do what’s best for the State California.  

          Also the California Governor, Gavin Newsom has stated that “California continues to adjust our policies based on the latest data and science, applying what we’ve learned over the past two years to guide our response to the pandemic.” 

           Even with all the statements being made for masks several schools in Northern California have decided to make optional mask policies. As Dr. Ghaly explained that lifting the mandate is not one to enforce but to empower the community. For those to make the decision for themselves about the health risks and factors.