Colors Can Affect Your Emotions


Deck: Colors are a big part of people’s lives, they affect a lot of what we do. Photo Credit: no attribution required

People see a variety of colors on a day to day basis. These colors really affect us because moods and colors are linked.

Bright and warm colors can evoke happy and fuzzy emotions, while dark colors evoke sad and gloomy emotions.

Colors have the ability to change our emotions, but it all just depends on how a person correlates the colors to their emotions. There are many specific colors that match a certain emotion. For example, there are warm colors, cool colors, happy colors, sad colors, calming colors and energizing colors.

If we go outside while we are sad and it is a dark and gloomy day, the colors in the sky would most likely appear grey and usually dark and gloomy days. The sky can bring a person many different emotions and it can either bring them happiness or sadness.

When we are happy and go outside to see the bright yellow sun, it can help someone who is sad to become happy again.

Colors can also improve a person’s performance when completing tasks, like when you are working in an environment with happy colors, you would be able to think more positively about what you are doing.

Also, some people are different and have their colors reversed. As an example, if someone is sad and they see a dark, gloomy day it can possibly make them happier than a shining sun.

Everyone differs in the way colors affect their mood and it simply depends on how you connect your mind to emotions and colors.