Bananas: Tasteful and Fun


Cameron Neel , Business Manager

Bananas are a common staple in many of the TOHS student’s lunches. But, unannounced to many, bananas have multiple purposes. Now, I’m not talking about different ways to eat bananas, but the multiple ways to use bananas.

When you first pull out a banana out of your knapsack, the first thing that comes to mind is to just peel and snack. But, what if I were to tell you there was another way to use them?

Gavin P Norton, an expert of bananas and their multiple uses, elaborates on this.

“The usages of bananas is expansive. From creations of art, to recreational activities, the banana is the most important and unbenounced tool known to mankind,” he says, sitting atop a banana hammock.

The first uncommon way to use a banana is art. From sculptures, to temporary, and even gothic, are just a few ways bananas are created in an artistic fashion, and is a very up-and-coming style of art. Lauren Tiffany, a highschool student at Thousand Oaks, creates multiple sculptures using nothing but bananas and sticks.

“I use this style of art to relate back to our ancestors the monkeys. And what better way to show my passion of my ancestry than in art. ”

Bananas serve as tools for recreational activities. Elementary schools everywhere are starting to incorporate exercises using bananas, such as “Banana Tag,” or “Hide and go Seek the Banana.”

In light of what CNN money claims to be “a global banana crisis,” where millions of bananas are being infected by The Panama disease. We must support banana farmers from all over the world by not wasting any bananas..

So grab a potassium-filled fruit and bring it to school, and discover the many uses of bananas.