Lori Loughlin Fired From Fuller House


Lori Loughlin who played “Aunt Becky” on “Fuller House”, was recently fired by Netflix because she was charged with conspiracy of committing mail fraud in connection with a college admissions scandal.Fuller House started filming their 5th and final season over summer, and some cast members have expressed how much they miss having Loughlin on the show.
Loughlin’s co-star Andrea Barber, who plays “Kimmy” on the show, mentioned Loughlin’s departure from the show in a recent interview.
“It’s very sad. She was a big part of “Fuller House”, Barber said.
Barber has worked with her since the beginning of Full House. Her and the other cast members had grown close after years of working together. Barber also explained that not having Loughlin on the show anymore has left a gap in their show family.
Other cast members, such as Bob Saget, have also been interviewed about Loughlin’s college admissions scandal. In an interview Saget explained his view on the situation.
“I love the people I love, and I have empathy for people that are in my life for 35 years. I don’t cut people out,” Saget said.
Saget and others, including her TV husband John Stamos, said that they don’t hold anything against Loughlin despite her breaking the law.
In addition to being fired from Fuller House, Loughlin has also been fired from the Hallmark Channel. She had been staring in the “Garage Sale Mysteries” TV movies and the Hallmark series “When Calls the Heart.”
While Netflix had valid reasons for removing Loughlin from the show, the loss of such an iconic and loved character could possibly affect the shows’ ratings. And not only that, but the Fuller House family will be greatly saddened by the departure of one of their own.