Final Tips

With the school semester coming to a close most students are now studying for finals. A very stressful time, where students stay up late trying to relearn months worth of lessons. As a way to help some students organize their study schedules, here are a few tips to effectively study.


As the school year progresses finals are an obstacle that we have to face before a new semester begins. One of the few most stressful times for a high school student would be final season. Being able to study and relearn a whole semester or trimester worth of lessons can be difficult and stressful, as it’s hard to remain organized and be able to focus. So, these are a few helpful tips to help with those needing to prepare for finals. 


Color Coding Notes– Highlighting or even just underlining your notes gives a way to bring your attention to important topics. Helping to draw your attention and going through the priority of your notes and linking your memory of that topic to that color making it easier to memorize.


Using a Planner– Being organized is a big help in making sure you don’t forget any important dates. Having a planner is a good way to organize your day and time schedule to be kept on track. 


Having a Study Buddy- As the saying goes, two brains is better than one. Having a friend or a group studying together gives a lot more insight and help if you don’t understand a particular topic. You’re also able to share resources and give each other advice to be able to study more effectively. 


Switching it up– Just focusing on one subject for too long can make you lose focus. Try and switch up your lessons every thirty to forty minutes so you can avoid learning fatigue. 


Take Breaks– Studying for long periods of time can be exhausting and isn’t actually effective as it lowers your productivity. For every half hour you study, give yourself a ten minute break to rest and to recharge yourself, for your next study session. 


YouTube– YouTube has lots of great creators that make great content, but there are also lots of tutors on the internet who are able to explain lessons quickly and are easy to understand. 


Some YouTuber Recommendations 

  • NancyPi: A creator who makes math contents teaches topics like algebra, geometry, to trigonometry in short but effective videos. 
  • The Organic Chemistry Tutor: A creator who makes longer, more detailed videos on chemistry and organic chemistry. 
  • Brian McLogan: An actual math teacher who makes content teaching subjects on Algebra 1 and 2 in short and easy to understand videos.