Which goes first? Cereal or Milk?

Almost similar to the debate about whether the chicken or the egg had to have come first, many people have found disagreement about whether milk goes first in cereal or whether cereal goes first. What do Lancers think?



Free public domain CC0 photo.

There used to be heated debates about whether cereal or milk goes in first when preparing a bowl of cereal for breakfast. How do such ideas hold up today? Lancers took on the question themselves.


“Cereal goes first, when you pour the milk after there is no splash and no mess,” said Senior Lauren Yamane. 


“Cereal first, it makes it crunchy,” said Senior Emma Poff.


“Cereal first undoubtedly, adding the milk after provides the initial moisture,” said Senior Zach Morgan.


The response rate for a survey conducted to examine whether or not Lancers preferred cereal or milk first held a 100% support rate for cereal first. However, the survey did not encompass the entirety of the student body which may mean there are those that prefer their milk first.


However, does putting the milk or cereal in first truly matter? A study conducted by Nanette Stroebele-Benschop, Anastasia Dieze, and Carolin Hilzendegen on Pubmed which examined the factors on people’s eating and drinking habits included a section on the effects of pouring either cereal or milk first. The study examined that those who poured milk first increased the amount of milk and cereal consumed when compared to those that poured cereal first. The difference was attributed to habitual tendencies creating perception bias. 


Overall, most people at Thousand Oaks High School prefer to have their cereal before milk whether it be because of the taste, just perception, or practicality. In addition, pouring either cereal or milk first does have an effect on the overall experience of eating a bowl of cereal in the morning which is more attributed to quantity instead of quality/taste.