Does Modern Social Media Make People Less Socially Active? 

As technology seems to progress social media has become a big part of our daily lives. But does social media seem to be having a more negative effect on us over the years?


As the world progresses and technology advances, social media has taken a big part in many people’s lives. It’s not just a place to connect with friends and be updated on the latest trends, but a huge way of connecting for many people.

      But there is a split part to social media. With the benefits to it, there are also downfalls where people, especially teens, have become less socially active in recent years.  

       “ Today’s social media makes it unrealistic for everyone, especially younger teenagers. Which can cause them to be scared to be judged by others, which can interfere with their communication,”said senior Amie Mendez. 

          This is a big part of the downfall of social media putting a strain on younger generations with unrealistic standards. It closes people off from reality making them less eager to engage in that reality in fear of not being able to stand up with social media standards. 

         But some may argue that social media doesn’t isolate teens but rather can make new relationships and can expand social circles.

       “Some social media give people the chance to meet people from other places that they otherwise wouldn’t have known,” said senior Hailey Starr. 

        More than before, people have been able to get in contact with others halfway around the world and have been able to create lasting relationships, without even having to leave their homes.