One Team, One Dream


Senior season is back with brand new faces leading the green hole and ready to bring their new ideas and support to the struggling football team.

“We want to let the players know the whole school is supporting them,” senior green hole leader Gabe Cuico said.

This year, the green hole leaders include seniors Ryan Ferrari, Tyler Augustine, Josh Williams, Timmy Hone, and Gabe Cuico. The five boys spent a part of their summer preparing for their roles in order to bring new energy and excitement to Thousand Oaks High School’s famous student section.

“[This year] we are always trying to bring super positive energy and trying to be as hype and  exciting as we can,” senior Ryan Ferrari said. “[We] are also trying to bring candy to make the tailgates more fun alongside the burgers and hotdogs.”

They all plan to bring positive energy and make the games as fun as possible for everyone who attends. The leaders are trying to get the students to support the team and stay as long as possible.

The group of seniors enjoy everything about their role as a green hole leader and have tried to mimic aspects of past years with the classic flour toss, but have also been adding their own twists with the use of smoke grenades and other props

“The smoke grenade was thought of by the green hole leaders and a couple of our friends who had seen the grenades used by Blake Saari,” Ferrari said.

“We thought the smoke grenade would look really cool mixed with the traditional white flour,” senior Josh Williams said.

“It adds extra swag to the game,” senior Timmy Hone said.

The leaders have attended football games as freshman, sophomores, and juniors. As underclassmen, they loved to see the past leaders take on the role. Now in their senior year, the leaders hope to hear everyone watching and cheering as loud as possible and having just as much fun as the seniors in the front row.

“There’s not much I intended on changing because in the past it’s been so exciting. Everyone wants to come to the games because of the green hole and we are trying to keep everything past leaders have done previously,” senior Tyler Augustine said. “The green hole has been so respected for years there’s no point in changing if it’s worked in the past.”

Although the past few games have been losses for the football team, the green hole leaders still strive to be positive and make the green hole experience fun and exciting for all grade levels as well as hope for the student section to look forward to every football game both home and away.

“Our main goal is to make it fun for everyone who goes the game,” Williams said. “Even if the game may not be fun to watch, or even if it is fun to watch, we want to make it as fun as possible.”